Monday, October 2, 2017

19A - Kosmos Theology

God does not want to be believed in, to be debated and defended by us, but simply to be realized through us.  - Martin Buber, On Judaism
In this post:

In order for Religion to become a
useful path to knowledge, it must

Religion must embrace a theology
that acknowledges the entire
Kosmos and an ongoing creation.


  1. Very interesting. Einstein and Spinoza seem to be teasing out a sort of solipsism, with the human mind being the locus for an evidence-based deity -- not others' memory, history, miracles or blind faith. Have we dealt with this? What if only conscience or consciousness have ever really existed as a permanent imprint of God? If that were the case, would we be self-evolving?

  2. This is a supplement to the comments I made in POST 18 and I reference those comments in addition to the following thoughts.
    • Time is an infinite concept that may look forward or backward on a linear continuum. The Big Bang (singularity) was a point on the time scale. There was a time before and after the event. It is unknown what existed before but as was stated something must have triggered the event.
    • Causality – The Big Bang may have exploded from another Universe or another dimension. If the Big Bang occurred from another Universe then what created that Universe?
    • The concept of singularity may be flawed because we have not evolved in our knowledge beyond three dimensions. There may be other dimensions that humankind has not yet identified or evolved to. Perhaps there is a hierarchy of multiple dimensions.
    • Yotzer may be a force operating in these other dimensions and humankind has not yet evolved to a place where yotzer exists. Or maybe it is only upon a human’s death that another dimension and yotzer is revealed.
    • Achieving this enlightenment will depend upon humankind’s evolution. Unless we overcome the human made evils of the world our evolution will cease with the self-destruction of our planet and ultimately the extinction of humanity. Yotzer has given the choice of free-will and in humans,the purpose to have good overcome evil if we are to survive.
    • In search of proof, Kosmos theology combined with science may unravel the mystery we seek to solve.


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