Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2 - The Universe: How it Was Created and Why

… and books that told me everything about the wasp, except why.  - - Dylan Thomas
In this post:

A brief history of how science has viewed
the Universe and its creation.

How science has advanced and religion,
for the most part, has not.

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  1. HI Art: The Universe:How It Was Created & Why? is an interesting question that currently defies explanation from a scientific and mathematical point of view. Are these questions relevant? Most religious beliefs rely simply on unquestioned Faith in God as Creator.

    It raises a number of unanswered theories which no one has been able to answer. I was once told the answer to the How & Why is simply one word that doesn't answer the question directly, but the answer that I was given is just "Because...". Because then leads to "Faith" in the unknown answer predicated on one's beliefs. In my opinion, trying to prove creation of the Universe may be an impossibility unless you believe in God omnipotent(Faith). It is like trying to prove and define Eternity or Infinity.

    I look forward to your next Blog.


    I have difficulty believing as some scientists & mathematicians have postulated,that there was simply a void that exploded in a Big Bang. Perhaps there were other Universes previously created by God from which our Universe was born from. Mankind on our planet Earth could be just a by product. Maybe we are simply one of many of God's "experiments" which have been developed & have evolved over the age of the Earth.


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